7 Interesting Stats About Enterprise Content Management

Managing organizations' content and streamlining processes is becoming a must in any organization seeking to reduce cost, becoming more efficient, and increase productivity. Having an ECM system in your organization has a lot of benefits as published in my previous post - Why use ECM. Being a core element in the digital transformation, the future … Continue reading 7 Interesting Stats About Enterprise Content Management

Key Benefits of Enterprise Content Management in Construction Industry

The amount of data handling required in a construction project is enormous. Failing to manage this data easily will have its negative impact on the company and on the project. For that, top construction companies worldwide started to invest in their digital transformation because it has become too risky not to go digital. Did you … Continue reading Key Benefits of Enterprise Content Management in Construction Industry

ECM Buyers Guide

Most organizations are looking for ways to start transforming their business into a more compelling, agile, and effective one by increasing the dependency on digital technologies and incorporating them into as much departments as possible. One of the solutions that are highly on demand nowadays is ECM and choosing one has become a difficult task … Continue reading ECM Buyers Guide

The Next Big Thing in Enterprise Content Management

Most of the enterprise content management solutions available today started as a simple document management to make it easier to digitize, manage, and circulate documents. The complexity organizations faced while managing their content, increase in operational costs, and the need to stay competitive has played major role in evolving these solutions to a complete enterprise … Continue reading The Next Big Thing in Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management Solutions Benefits

Your organization is on — or should be on — a Digital Transformation journey. As explained in a previous blog post, ECM or CSP solutions are essential components in any organization seeking the digital transformation ultimate goal. In this article, we will cover why is enterprise content management important to an organization? To drive the digital transformation initiative, companies … Continue reading Enterprise Content Management Solutions Benefits

Enterprise content Management & Digital Transformation

Every organization is on, or should be on, a Digital Transformation journey. So what is digital transformation and how Content Services plays important role in this transformation? What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the integration of digital technologies in all organizations aspects in order to dramatically change how they do business. In a recent … Continue reading Enterprise content Management & Digital Transformation

What is Content Services Platform (CSP)?

On January 2017, Gartner has officially retired the enterprise content management (ECM) terminology in favor of Content Services Platform. So what happened? Personally, i believe the industry researchers and leaders came to a fact that what they were preaching throughout the years is obsolete nowadays. Marketing having one ECM solution with a single repository as … Continue reading What is Content Services Platform (CSP)?