Content Services OR Intelligent Information Management?

Gartner has announced the death of ECM solutions and provided a new naming terminology “Content Services” to reflect the changes in the industry.

To make things more confusing, AIIM provided a different naming terminology “Intelligent Information Management (IIM)”.

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What is the different between Content Services & Intelligent Information Management?

Content Services has 3 categories

  • Content Services Platform (CSP): Represents the evolution of the content repository, and include traditional ECM vendors such as OpenText, Microsoft, Oracle and others along with content-centric EFSS vendors such as Box, Dropbox
  • Content Services Applications (CSA): These applications are generally specific to vertical industries or specific horizontal use cases and provide a solution to a distinct, content-driven business problem
  • Content Services Components: Represents the foundation of CSP and these components (services & micro services) used to build CSA.

Intelligent Information Management has also 3 categories

  • CONTENT SERVICES: A flexible and modular approach that utilizes content and information wherever and whenever it is needed, independent of where it is stored.
  • PROCESS SERVICES: Tools that can be delivered with the simplicity of an app, but within a framework that allows the business to remain in control.
  • ANALYTICS SERVICES: Automated tools to prepare all information – both structured and unstructured — for machine learning.

By definition, Intelligent Information Management is a practice that integrates people, processes, information, and technology to achieve digital transformation.

So which one shall we use?

I don’t know why these two organizations are adding more confusion in the industry but if you look into the big vendors in the market, you can see that the majority are using Gartner’s naming “Content Services” while a small number of vendors are using Intelligent Information Management.

I personally use Gartner’s definition for our built-in solution (VBC).

Let me know which terminology you use and why?


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