Content Services Platform vs. Document Management: What’s the Difference?

I always receive messages on LinkedIn about the difference between a document management system and CSP/ECM solution and which one to chose for the enterprise.

here is my input on the subject, enjoy reading

Document Management:

in the early 90’s, companies started developing systems to manage electronic documents. The ultimate goal was to achieve what used to be called “Paperless Office”.

These systems contained all the functionalities needed for organizations to digitize, manage, locate, and circulate their documents in no time.

Some of the functionalities are: Check in/out, download files, link documents, manage document versions, flexible security, audit trails, etc. in addition to the ability to route documents from one person to another using workflows capabilities.

These type of solutions gained a lot of attention because of the benefits they provide to the organization starting from cost reduction to maximizing productivity

Refer to the below articles for a study that measures the cost savings for a document management system

Web Series Part 1: Measuring the Cost Savings of Document Management Software

Web Series Part 2: Measuring the Cost Savings of Document Management Software

Web Series Part 3: Measuring the Cost Savings of Document Management Software

Content Services Platform (formerly ECM)

I already discussed in my previous blog post what is CSP?

In simple terms, all the document management capabilities must be found in a Content Service Platform solution in addition to many other modules like BPM, Records Management, Imaging, etc.

Below is a picture from Gartner demonstrating all the modules that should be available in the CSP

The big thing that organizations nowadays are investing in is their ability to automate internal or external processes. I will surely have a blog post soon detailing this interesting module.

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